Hevener Dog Figurines

How they are made:

It starts with making the design in clay. Then they make a rubber mold over the clay design, and then a plaster outer mold over the rubber mold. The plaster mold is to hold the rubber mold in place when they pour the casting. The casting is made from a mixture of Hydrostone (very fine stone) and water. When the casting is solid, it is removed from the mold, trimmed and smoothed. Then the casting is dried for several days to several weeks, depending on the size. Then sanded to remove any remaining imperfections. When fully dry, the casting is painted by airbrushing and hand-painting the fine details. Then it must dry for at least another day. Finally, they apply several coats of gloss finish to the pieces. Several more days to fully cure, and then the pieces are ready.

We have now added some new Hevener LIMITED EDITION Figurines to this wonderful range