Black Cat Bamboo Door Curtain 125 String

Black Cat Bamboo Door Curtain 125 String

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Black Cat Bamboo Door Curtain

Black Cat Bamboo Door Curtain 125 String Bamboo Door Curtain Bamboo door curtains are a great item to have for summer, they provide privacy and are excellent at keeping out those pesky flies. This curtain is hand painted in Vietnam. The image is on both sides of the curtain and it fits a standard door frame.  Installation is quick and easy, the curtain has a wooden header, which has two metal rings, the rings can be hung from nails or tacks which you will need to install.

Note; Care must be taken when unpacking and installing; The curtains are most vulnerable when being unpacked and put up and care must be taken whilst installing to avoid loss of individual strings by accidentally standing on them, catching them etc. Once installed correctly the curtains are robust and will look good for years to come!

Approx length 200cm

Approx Width 90cm

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