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About Rosina

Living as she does in a picturesque village near Rome with her large family, many animals and a huge garden, it is hardly surprising that Rosina Wachtmeister is constantly inspired by her surroundings.

She was born in Vienna in 1939 and grew up near Lake Attersee in Austria.
Her father was a doctor and her mother was an architect and ceramist.
She emigrated to Brazil with her family when she was 14 and studied at a German school with her younger sister Heidemarie. She then went on to study fine arts, sculpture and stage design.

A first great love led Rosina to Italy as a young artist and she still lives there today in Capena, a mediaeval village north of Rome.
She is a painter, architect, ceramist and gardener. 

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Rosina Wachtmeister designed Glowing Glass Electric Lamp is the perfect gift for the Cat lover and an unusual addition to any collection

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