Australian Native Numbat Salt & Pepper Shakers - Ceramic

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Australian Numbat- Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Left is the Salt & Right the Pepper
Approx Size;

  • Salt 5cm High x 13.5cm Long
  • Pepper 5cm High x 13cm Long

A great addition to any collection

Numbat Facts
Numbat is one of the rare marsupials that do not have a pouch.
It can be found only in the southwestern parts of Australia.
Numbat usually inhabits eucalyptus forests and grasslands.
Numbats are listed as vulnerable (nearly endangered) due to
accelerated habitat loss and introduction of new species, such as foxes
and cats into their natural habitat. According to the latest analysis, l
ess than 1500 numbats are left in the wild.
Interesting Numbat Facts:
Numbat is a small marsupial. Males are slightly larger than females,
but females have longer tail. On average, numbat can reach the length
between 13 and 18 inches, and weight between 9.9 and 19 ounces.

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