"CommuniCAT" Collectable by TrinCATZ Cat Jewelled Box

"CommuniCAT" Collectable by TrinCATZ Cat Jewelled Box

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TrinCATZ is a brillantly conceived gift expression in the form of Trinket Boxes, for Cat Lovers and the Well Humoured.  
It captures the essence of the long-standing love affair between humans & cats and delivers it with playful wit.
In this WORDPLAY Collection most TrinCATZ designs are themed around words that contain "CAT" in their spelling
e.g. AdvoCAT, CATalyst, MediCAT....

Through creative visualisation and skillful sculpting, each TrinCATZ box characterises it's title word.
A keepsake Limerick Card dedicated to each TrinCATZ adds an interesting spin.

To establish authenticity, every figurine is copyright protected and stamped with the TrinCATZ logo and title on the base.
They are made from pewter, plated with 18 k gold or silver, hand painted and bejwelled with crystals.  
Each TrinCATZ is individually packaged in an elegant satin-lined gift box with a Collector's Booklet

The initial launch of this wonderful collectable has a total of 15 Collectable TrinCATZ


"Switched on and connected in new ways and old, the CommuniCAT knows it before it is told, texting,

tweeting, tagging and poking, are fashionable ways of social networking, where pictures, gossip and dramas unfold!"

Approx Size; 6cm Long x 9.5cm High x 4cm Wide



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