Quintessence (UK) - "Basil" - Stone Cat Figurine

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"Basil" Stone Cat Figurine by QUINTESSENCE
The collection is designed and made in England using a unique method of reconstituting stone to create these beautiful sculptures. Each one is finished by hand; it is fettled to remove any faults and seams, and then rubbed down with wet and dry sandpaper so that the surface is silky smooth, then finally polished to bring out the natural colours of each grain and fleck of stone, so they gleam like pebbles just touched by the waves on the beach.

Available in variety of colours;




Tabby * (are quite unique and difficult to make due to the complication of getting the markings looking natural.
The markings are like fingerprints each one is different. A mixture of slate & granite is used.)

Tortoiseshell * (are very popular - perhaps because you don't often find sculpture with this colouring. Each one is individual just like a real Tortie Cat.  With splashes of White, Brown & Black to create the natural - Tortoiseshell effect, a delicate touch is needed to mix the colours;


Each piece is hand finished and initialled

Black - reconstituted slate - called "Dela-bole Slate" & Grey - reconstituted granite & White - reconstituted marble

Approx Size 5.5cm long x 4cm High x 6cm Deep

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Colour Black

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